Azure Lorica has been many things, a theatre company, a festival producer, and even a magazine. But now, we've taken the step above. Azure Lorica is now a Publishing House. Azure Lorica Press is now the central station of all blogs, magazines, and books, distributed across the internet, and, soon, at your local book stores and convenience market.

The idea began with the problem of the Self-Publishing industry taking over our traditional channels. Writers fled to Amazon and Lulu for the chance to have their works read internationally. Soon magazine joined in on the fun, with Issuu and Magzter reigning as ideal platforms for photographers and artists. The print world nearly lost everything, until enough bibliophiles became environmentalists. Going electronic didn't save as many trees as everyone once thought. Even then, the writing and storytelling did nothing to improve the ebooks people were buying. The need for Editors grew, and the money to afford them became a business matter. Marketing threw the progression of many Authors out the window, as the exhausting excursion made the process a perfect formula for disaster. The final stroke hit when Amazon raised their rates, and everyone who was anyone lost their means for profit.

Everyone got tired of the rat race.

We took part in this futile cycle for a couple of years. We got tired too. But then, paperbacks started to sell again. Hardbound books were flourishing. And the world of Academia grew. The institution never seemed so bright. Hence, we regrouped. We moved our blogs, rebuilt our operation, and are now welcoming our readers back for Azure Lorica Press.

Hello. We are open for business.

Please enjoy our many blogs, and follow us for upcoming publications:

  • - your introduction to all things Azure Lorica. We welcome volunteers to the plenty that our organization has to offer, including the Antibully Society that we are. 
  • - you are here. We publish magazines, books, and blogs for all of the above. We look forward to your patronage.